På torgen, vid fontäner i Rom – In the Squares, by the Fountains of Rome

I knew, before we went, that Rome’s great Fontana di Trevi would be under restoration. But there are many beautiful fountains in Rome (and many by Bernini)…even if  Fontana di Trevi is among the most famous fountains in the world. In Sweden we immediately connect it to Fellini and La Dolce Vita with our actress Anita Ekberg bathing in the fountain. Fortunately I have seen it before – in full splendour.

So, there’s something special with squares and fountains…they gather people. People who relax and enjoy the sound and the beauty of the water, their busy lives making a stop, eating ice cream, letting their children play.

Outside the Pantheon, people were listening to a fantastic singer – her voice crystal clear – making us all, and the ancient buildings, shiver with delight.

Augustus’ Peace Altar had many people eating, relaxing or why not healthily posing and photographing?

Piazza Navona hosts three beautiful fountains – resting places for many…Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi or Fountain of the Four Rivers (1651)is the most famous one. Fontana del Moro and at the northern end is the Fountain of Neptune. Bernini is of course one of the architects here too.

And – photographers of course…

The Romans were experts on water and aqueducts, so in Rome, you can drink water everywhere, clean and fresh. People fill their water bottles, and the dogs too love this opportunity.


There are several fountains in the shape of boats – or bathtubs? A definite boat at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, the Barcaccia fountain by Bernini.

Other strange fountains seemed to appear when the stomach reminded itself in the afternoon…

But, after being fed…other, more ordinary, fountains were found again.

The Bee fountain – a favourite. In fact Bernini is the master of another Bee fountain close to the Capuchin crypt.

The Botanical garden was a treat, and its fountains too. There’s another one in the header!


7 tankar om “På torgen, vid fontäner i Rom – In the Squares, by the Fountains of Rome

  1. Beautiful, gorgeous Rome! One of my favorites city in this world, living history in every stone. Lovely photo travel with you, Ann Christine! 🙂
    Ha en god helg!

  2. Indeed this is a post to speak to me, Ann-Christine: Stringer and I were there in the depths of winter, and in very late autumn, and in very early spring. IK think perhaps the piazza Navona’s were our favourite; but that could have been due to the slab pizza places nearby … OR the porchetta rolls (in winter) … 😀


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