A Celebration of Trees


My dear blogging friend, Liza, who lives in Mindo, Ecuador, posted a glorious celebration that I want to share with you – the Celebration of trees. If you love trees as much as I do – here is an unforgettable treat in photos and quotes! Click the link, please!

6 tankar om “A Celebration of Trees

      • Hmmm. I looked at the post and did not see the reblog either. WordPress has made some subtle changes over the past year.. one I dislike is the little bar that was at the top that showed ‘activity’ re: how many views per hour… that stats bar is missing, and that’s what i used to lob over to the stats page.

        and then there are the changes to writing and editing…. grrrrrrrrrr!

        i think i’ll go draw a tree and forget about those WP challenges!


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