Some Hours’ Winter Walk a Sunny Day in Skåne

Vintern är kort i år – jag tror den varade en dag eller två. Att ta vara på den var viktigt, och jag hade faktiskt möjligheten. Följ med på min korta tur!

Winter was short this year in Skåne – I believe it lasted for a day or two. I had the opportunity to take a walk and enjoy it. Please join me this short afternoon of sun!

I walked to the lake nearby, and found that some little friends had been there before me…

Apartement to let, single room with a view…or at least the house is waiting for its summer guests.

On passing the lovely tree bridge, I reached open water – shimmering in the sun, exposing its blue sky secrets.

Driving home some hours later, I took the road through the woods to see the fog coming and the sky turning cold.

The forest has been cut down in some areas, and only lonely trees are still standing, solemnly overlooking the disaster.

About 5 p.m. the sun was gone since long and the skies were left with the last colours. This tree is standing guard outside a house on a hill. I will soon be home, but first a last firy glimpse of the day going to rest among the dancing, frosty fog.

Vintervandring i Vedema I

Som vanligt, klicka på bilderna för att förstora – Click the pictures to enlarge.

Eftersom min mamma inte kände sig riktigt bra, så fick jag göra vandringen med bara Totti. En fin, solig dag – men utan snö. Vid den här tiden på året brukar jag aldrig gå här, men ju grönare vintrarna blir, desto lättare blir det. Annars finns inte mycket positivt med de snöfria vintrarna.

My mother didn’f feel well today, so my hiking had to be with only Totti. I seldom visit here during this season, but the greener the winters become, the easier this walk will be. Not much else is positive about a winter without snow.

Tidig förmiddag och en blek sol skiner in.

Early sun is shining in when we start.

Snart skiner solen ordentligt och de mossiga stubbarna är som självlysande.

Soon we have glorious weather and the mossy stubs and stones are all aglow.

Inga kreatur på ängarna, men ett fint ljus att glädjas åt. Det har kommit mycket regn senaste tiden och allt från pölar till hela sjöar översvämmar öppen mark.

No cows, but a lovely light making me smile. There’s been much raining the last month.

Den kyliga morgonen bjuder på egna konstverk

The chilly morning has its own art work.

Snart dags för lite vila och fika, tycker Totti och jag

Some rest would be right now, Totti says – and I agree.

Eller kanske gräva lite? Finns det några goda rötter eller kanske någon mus att jaga fram?

Maybe some digging? Are there any appetizing roots or some fast mice to be had?

Efter fika- och grävpausen vandrar vi vidare, men jag upptäcker inte förrän efter 20 minuter att vi tagit fel stig. …

Some rest, some coffee and some digging – then on our way again. It’s not until after 20 minutes I realize we are heading in the wrong direction…

Trees and Ruins in Rome

Are there really any interesting trees in Rome? In this ancient world city where people have lived for centuries and centuries…and everything built by humans is of interest…Maybe a funny question – but as I’m a tree lover, the question is relevant to me!

Well, let’s start in Ostia Antica, the old port of Rome. The oldest archeological remains so far discovered date back to the 4th century BC. The most ancient buildings currently visible are from the 3rd century BC.

Where is the tree…and where are the bricks? Nature’s patterns have always been an inspiration used in the architecture of buildings and art of humans.

Pine trees are very monumental, and somehow they just…belong together with old ruins. Walking the cobbled stones and narrow paths this early morning here, birds singing and the stillness in the air…

The ruins are very well preserved throughout the whole area, clad with cement on top. The old Forum looking like a maze because of it.

The theatre is well preserved – click the link above to my post on Leya. But, I’m convinced nothing here would be as beautifully shown off without the pine trees.

Back in Rome City, the plane trees are a feast along the Tiber. Trying to reach the water…the sound of their leaves rustling and reaching out in the soft wind…

On our way to Circus Maximus there is heavy traffic, but we are greatly rewarded. The old arena is almost empty and not many  people around. A lonely tree stands in the middle of the remains of the old racing course. Imagine the old days, what buzzle and crowds of people and animals! A magnificent place.

The old city walls are still standing, clad in green. Surprisingly well kept.

I was lucky to hear and spot thousands of starlings on the Avantine. They all moved like One and the flocks were huge and amazingly loud. I sat watching them for at least 15 minutes. In Sweden the number of starlings have decreased terrifyingly fast, and we don’t know why. It’s been suggested they get shot and eaten on their way north – but I don’t know if there’s any sustainable truth in this.

In every city I visit I just have to go to the botanical gardens. I realized I hadn’t been to the one in Rome before, and I wonder how many people who really go there…We had great difficulty even to find the entrance. In the park itself, I think we met about three other persons besides the lonely, reading guy in the ticket ”box”. He was very sweet though and reminded us about their closing the gates within two hours. Two hours in a botanical garden is not enough for me – generally. But, when it’s not really season for plants and flowers that should be enough. Still, we had to hurry in the end. I’d love to go back another time of the year too!

Almost directly I came across an old friend – this strange plant. Flowers and the empty seed shells here below. I first saw this plant in New Zealand, near Auckland zoo . No one knew what it was – and I still don’t have a clue. The foliage reminds me of Nerium Oleander – but the flowers? No…I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what this is! A fascinating plant – small tree.

Ricin, the Castor oil plant, is beautiful but very poisonous. Grown in many gardens for its lush green and red colours.

Many old trees grow here, and the oldest ones are the oak trees. Some of them have fallen and lie on the ground. New to me was a method of heaping up a mound of earth at its roots , making it survive to give new life. Amazing.

Other old trees were fascinating too, and an enchanting ruin was hidden by old plane trees. Magical.

Maybe not a tree, but a bamboo forest is special.

Norfolk spruce hiding a dead palm tree.

Japanese maple.

And an old favourite from China – Gingko Biloba. I have walked a golden autumn alley of these  in Beijing – something I will never forget.

On leaving the grounds, we encountered this beauty, a Verbena,  raining down a stone wall.

Lastly, from Central Asia, ”Rosaceae”, Prunus. Standing dry and leafless against the patched wall of the house – I found it immensely enchanting…

Blue sky!

This might sound strange to some of you, but as this winter of 2013/2014 has started as grey and dark as it has – every ray of sunshine and every spark of blue is very precious.

In this blog I would like to share with you pictures and thoughts from every season – some of them in posts here and some of them under their season names in the menu above. I will use only new photos, starting today with pictures from this year – that’s why Winter is the first season in the menu – it’s here and now.

If you enjoy hiking and savouring our wonderful nature as much as I do – Follow me on my walks!

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