A Celebration of Trees


My dear blogging friend, Liza, who lives in Mindo, Ecuador, posted a glorious celebration that I want to share with you – the Celebration of trees. If you love trees as much as I do – here is an unforgettable treat in photos and quotes! Click the link, please!


Finally – a Winter Guest!

Ja, nu är den här! Efterlängtad!

Det finns också en ny gästpost under mitt träd – Inlesjön i Myanmar (Burma). Samma resenär som senast och den här gången ett äventyr i skönhet på alla plan.

Winter has finally arrived in Skåne – so much longed for!

There is a new guest post under my tree as well – the same traveller as Sirince, but this time featuring the beauty of Inle Lake in Myanmar (former Burma).

Blue sky!

This might sound strange to some of you, but as this winter of 2013/2014 has started as grey and dark as it has – every ray of sunshine and every spark of blue is very precious.

In this blog I would like to share with you pictures and thoughts from every season – some of them in posts here and some of them under their season names in the menu above. I will use only new photos, starting today with pictures from this year – that’s why Winter is the first season in the menu – it’s here and now.

If you enjoy hiking and savouring our wonderful nature as much as I do – Follow me on my walks!

First out in Come and sit under my tree is Lars Påhlson, with a post on a very special little village in Turkey – Sirince. Lars Påhlson is a globetrotter who lectures on his travels and experiences, mostly with focus on history, architecture and stories from other cultures.