Fasader och krumelurer – Looking at façades and ornaments in Rome

My fascination for Rome is also connected to its warm colours and its sculptures, ornaments and façades. Follow me through this collection captured during my walks!

Windows and lamp posts are also beautifully crafted. Even the bridges can boast statues and ornamented pillars.

And – as usual I’m obsessed with laundry hanging outside the windows or between the blocks of houses…

Some a bit gaudy, and some in perfect harmony with its surroundings…

Walking to the other side of the Tiber, for the Pyramide station, we passed this house – a bit scary coming home late at night here…

Close to this station is an old building, looking quite forlorn, but with beautiful staues left on its roof.

On opening the gates to the Botanical Garden, we understand that the gardens are not as well kept as they need to be. On the other hand there are some lovely old buildings and roofs.

Walking back late to our hotel – we are grateful for this lovely and interesting day. Good Night – Rome.

On the Streets of Rome – Musicians and Artists

Walking the streets of Rome fills heart and soul with delight. Your eyes feast not only upon the ancient buildings and the History of Rome…musicians and artists are never ”too much” here, but just as perfect as the old city itself.

Piazza Navona is a good resting place, where you find ice cream as well as entertainment…When in Rome, you seem to always return to this place…

And the streets are even lit up with Christmas deco in November. 22 degrees C.

On the bridges we found some brilliant musicians, as well as close by Castelo S. Angelo whose sunlit walls kept them warm a bit longer.

Later in the afternoon…families were still playing with their enthusiastic children, while some performers were reorganizing…

Don’t we all love visiting markets, especially fruit markets – places of innovative creation concerning forms and colours on display!

Irresistable they are – just BUY ME!

Returning to narrower streets and alleys like this one – was just what we needed to get down to earth again.

On our way home, the atmosphere of the soft evening wraps us up tightly, when suddenly I see a familiar picture…I guess you all recognize it?

And, people on the move…

…are very interesting!

Thank you for walking with me today – and good night!