Konstverk på Judiska Kyrkogården – The Jewish Cemetery – A Closer Look At the Art Work

A closer look at the art work – shows that most of the stones are simple and serenely made. But there are also angels like this one – larger than life, taller than a human being.

I walked around it – just to find that someone was left to care for this grave.

Some elaborate stone sculptures were still standing, while others were resting on the ground.

Iron fences elaborately crafted. The details still …


Together with the green saplings they felt almost alive. And against the dark trees – monumental.

The upper part of the stones are almost always serenely held. The ones shown here are some of the very few I found with patterns or ornaments. The most common decorations were leaves, lions or deer, some hands as well. I just loved the ones I found with books or trees hanging over, leaning on them.

So many stories that are never to be told.

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