Some Hours’ Winter Walk a Sunny Day in Skåne

Vintern är kort i år – jag tror den varade en dag eller två. Att ta vara på den var viktigt, och jag hade faktiskt möjligheten. Följ med på min korta tur!

Winter was short this year in Skåne – I believe it lasted for a day or two. I had the opportunity to take a walk and enjoy it. Please join me this short afternoon of sun!

I walked to the lake nearby, and found that some little friends had been there before me…

Apartement to let, single room with a view…or at least the house is waiting for its summer guests.

On passing the lovely tree bridge, I reached open water – shimmering in the sun, exposing its blue sky secrets.

Driving home some hours later, I took the road through the woods to see the fog coming and the sky turning cold.

The forest has been cut down in some areas, and only lonely trees are still standing, solemnly overlooking the disaster.

About 5 p.m. the sun was gone since long and the skies were left with the last colours. This tree is standing guard outside a house on a hill. I will soon be home, but first a last firy glimpse of the day going to rest among the dancing, frosty fog.


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