Fasader och krumelurer – Looking at façades and ornaments in Rome

My fascination for Rome is also connected to its warm colours and its sculptures, ornaments and façades. Follow me through this collection captured during my walks!

Windows and lamp posts are also beautifully crafted. Even the bridges can boast statues and ornamented pillars.

And – as usual I’m obsessed with laundry hanging outside the windows or between the blocks of houses…

Some a bit gaudy, and some in perfect harmony with its surroundings…

Walking to the other side of the Tiber, for the Pyramide station, we passed this house – a bit scary coming home late at night here…

Close to this station is an old building, looking quite forlorn, but with beautiful staues left on its roof.

On opening the gates to the Botanical Garden, we understand that the gardens are not as well kept as they need to be. On the other hand there are some lovely old buildings and roofs.

Walking back late to our hotel – we are grateful for this lovely and interesting day. Good Night – Rome.



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