Edinburgh II – The Castle and… Inside

Our last day in Edinburgh we spent a bit more looking inside…windows and alleys at least. On the walk up to the castle, the sun bestowed us with its warming glory – hot!

We walked through Greyfriar’ s beautiful Kirkyard to see Bobby once more. He was a Skye terrier born in the middle of the 19th C. His Master died when Bobby was only two, and legend has it that he stayed by his Master’s grave for 14 years. A Lord payed the city of Edinburgh to build Bobby a little house and to feed him. He was buried close to his master in 1872.

Many people came to see him while we were there. The little ”hut’s” name shows some of the Scottish humour…it’s really inside the gates!

Some ”insides” too on the way…

Colourful clothes and tartans, but also a soft pink and blue tartan made especially to the memory of Princess Diana.

I love signs, and Scotland and Edinburgh has got many of those – my camera was full of them…This one close to Camera Obscura.

And – there my dream came true…to be divided into two and able to do double the things I would like to do, help, visit, create, experience…a.s.o….

Just inside the gates, they were preparing for the Tattoo. This year we didn’t make it, but hopefully next year we will be able to see it!


We’ll be back next year – for the Edinburgh Tattoo!

12 tankar om “Edinburgh II – The Castle and… Inside

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing you again already 🙂
    Lovely photos Anna Christine, and the Witchery is one of my favourite places to eat, it’s pricey but worth it for a special occasion! My brother got married last October in St Margaret’s Chapel….it was a cosy affair as you can imagine!

    • What a lovely place to get married in. I imagine the cosiness – the area in there is not very big. But oh, the beauty. The Witchery – is it very expensive then?
      I must tell you we were lucky to finally find a place to stay in Edinbugh and we have booked it. With the help of our landlady who had closed her place down. Tickets we haven’t got yet. It seems they are not available before December. Or do you have other facts in this?

      • Witchery is pretty pricey….but very delicious 🙂
        I think the 1st of December is when the ticket sales open, unless you are a ‘friend of the tattoo’ …..which we’re not! Let me know if I can help at all. Do you have your dates for your visit….I want to be certain that we can fit in a lovely long walk this time 🙂

      • I’d love to walk with you! Now, my husband made a big mistake when booking, (we had so many difficulties with it) he clicked on the wrong dates, so we will only be staying för a couple of days and go back on the monday. Our only chance of walking will be on the Sunday, August 9. Hope to see you then – looking forward to that more than the Tattoo, even if I have wanted to visit the Tattoo since I was young.
        We’ll try for the tickets from here, two tickets, but if we do not succeed – could we contact you then?


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