Going East from Kyleakin to Aberdeen

Having left Isle of Skye and Kyleakin, we headed for Perth via Aberdeen. We also left the fine weather for a day. But first – Plockton. A gem, and often used for TV series. This morning a slight drizzle made it sleepy and delightfully quiet.

Further eastwards, we passed Eileen Donan Castle, which I guess is among the most photographed castles in Scotland. The first castle was built here 1220, and many films have been shot here, among others, a couple of Bond movies, Highlander and the Swedish Mio min Mio (By Astrid Lindgren, who wrote Pippi Longstocking.)

We drove through beautiful Kintail admiring ”The Five Sisters” watching over us. This is a popular hiking area. Reaching Loch Ness, we found her lying beautifully smooth with silvery ripples – no Nessie. When sailing here in the 1970’s we didn’t see her either. Back then I know they had a special research centre for Nessie, but today we didn’t check this up.

In Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, we paused for a picnic by the river before visiting Highland House of Fraser – The Scottish Kiltmaker. In fact the only kilt museum in Scotland.

We had excellent guiding and a very informative hour here. Seeing this garment being made by hand gives you a genuinly satisfying feeling.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Aberdeen next, but first – Cawdor Castle in a very romantic setting – and impossible to photograph! My best attempt is featured in the header. Shakespeare made this the home of MacBeth and the scene for the murder of King Duncan. Not that romantic, but the castle became famous because of this.

In front of Marischal College, the Highland hero Robert I Bruce and two young ladies. All of us rather frozen this chilly evening.

We spent the night at Craibstone Estate – a University Campus empty for the summer vacation. The university library is an architectural fantasy – Sir Duncan Rice Library – with its glass façade reflecting ”the ice and light of the North”. Architects are the Danes Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen.

And so…the next day we woke up with the sun shining us to wonderful Duthie Park – follow the link for more flowers from my visit there! Here are some teasers:



2 thoughts on “Going East from Kyleakin to Aberdeen

  1. Loved the tour – seeing the history and Plockton of course, serene. My husband and I were just talking about traveling once he retires, I’m ready for it now. Beautiful.


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