A walk in the soft hour

So, this is the soft hour – the stillness in the air and the busy, hot day preparing for sleep. You are welcome to join me on the walk with my friend Totti.

Hot days we have to wait until now, about 8.30 pm. His tail is up and by now he starts to come alive again…curious of what we shall find today.

The last shimmering rays of sun shows a luxuriant landscape – love and joy, life, decay and death – the glory of summer…

How we have been waiting and longing – and now it is here for us to rejoice in its beauty. So short a time, but finally here.


10 thoughts on “A walk in the soft hour

  1. These are some of your best photographs Ann-Christine – there is nothing like the soft-glow of infused setting light. I think what I like the most is the effect on color. Amazing shots, the dead rodent didn’t go unnoticed!

    • Thank you so much, Laura, and thank you for the follow too! That evening the light was special and I happened to be out in the right time.

    • I’m glad you really enjoyed them! They came out almost as golden lighted as in reality. Very seldom an evening ends like this one. And a lovely comment – thank you!


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