The farmer’s landscape II – in summer skies

Summer is here and the meadows are alive – be it with crops or cows or maybe sheep. The farmer is intent on the weather and his working days are long.

To make the crops grow faster, some fields are covered in giant plastic sheets.

Skåne is the most fertile part of Sweden, and barley is one of the most common crops grown here – together with wheat and rye.

 But, this time of the year strawberry fields can be found wherever you travel in the countryside.

Not to forget the the cattle, cows and calves, friendly gazing at you as you are passing by. Or the smart cat hiding in the grass, waiting for his prey…

The  importance of an open landscape cannot be over estimated. Without crops it will very fast disappear in weed and shrubbery. Without cows or sheep grazing, it is also lost to nature’s own forces.

6 tankar om “The farmer’s landscape II – in summer skies

  1. I love to see your landscapes … they sing with life, now I am home again, suddenly back in the middle of winter I miss that summer glow of the northern hemisphere 🙂


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