The farmer’s landscape

Being a farmer means early mornings and late evenings – in fact your whole life is invested in your work. I admire these people immensely, and in another life …maybe I would have been a farmer.

I set out this early morning to enjoy spring, but when looking at my photos back home, I realize that many of them portray the countryside from a farmer’s point of view.

In the crisp morning air, last year’s strawberry fields lay shimmering by the road. Reminding me of a sunny and warm June with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Almaån in a haze – lazily flowing and listening to the early whistling of tiny song birds.

And on its banks, the birch trees are flaunting their green strands of hair in the first rays of the sun.

The yellow rapeseed and other crops help colouring  the horses, slowly walking home. The land is opening its morning eye – and I rejoice in its beauty.

Another year’s strawberries are on their way!


8 thoughts on “The farmer’s landscape

    • I’m glad you liked the overture then! Here spring is almost turning into summer. Unbelievably early…about two, three weeks before usual.

  1. I love trees, I always have, I call them ”my friends”. They are good listeners and very discrete, them you can trust and they will listen to your problems or sorrows and they will keep themselves silent to listen and you can even embrace them, they will offer you shade, perhaps a fruit or a dashing flower and very generously a large number of beautiful colored leaves. They have a lot to give. We have mutual friends, what I call them the flying flowers – Birds!
    I’ll be a follower of your blog. You don’t mind if I call you Leya, do you? I’m H.J.

    • I have a soulmate…you’re so welcome! Your feelings are also my feelings. Flying flowers – beautiful. i will remember that. Of course you might call me Leya – and I should call you H.J.?

  2. Anna Christine, these beautiful posts of yours have not been arriving in my reader…..all of these photos are beautiful, but I’m completely blown away by the first few taken in the dewy morning mist….simply stunning 🙂

    • Why, thank you, Seonaid! Strange they haven’t showed up though. But, sometimes posts don’t show up in my reader either. It seems the Reader has it’s own life sometimes…!


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