Searching for Spring in the morning glow

Today I went searching for spring, starting and finishing in my home and my garden. These last two days we’ve had 10-14 degrees C and it has worked miracles on every living thing…

The morning light on my orchids is always a wake up call for more adventures!

Walking the narrow path up to the forest, the grass and young plants are all aglow in the warm sun…

…and the blue skies with clouds sailing in the soft wind is a true joy after a grey winter.

A short cut for a quick look at the pools – should the frogs have visited already – but no, it’s too soon. I knew that, but for many years we used to raise new little frogs at home. I still adore those tiny things and to see them develop into beautiful mini frogs…

The midday light makes the beech branches glow to the tiniest twig, and a butterfly swirls its fragile wings over the meadow

After a divine two hour’s walk, we are back home again, and I search my garden for anemones – just to find spring everywhere…

Witch hazel some call this little tree, here showing off its pretty new costume

Catkins, a new word I have learned this year – thank you Seonaid!

Hiding in the shadows under the jasmins, I finally find my shy anemone…the true herald of spring!


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