Trees and Barns and Memories

There is something with trees and old wooden barns that sparks childhood memories. Something warm and comforting. My hike, by car this time, was in search of these two together.

I found that Jämtland is a country full of beautiful barns, red and grey, and often with the door in a different, bright colour.

Sometimes the barn is almost overgrown and hidden…maybe one reason to choose a brightly coloured door?

The grey barns look weather worn and beautiful, just like my grandmother did, and they all have their stories to tell…

…whether they stand in a field or by the lake.

Some barns are very tiny, perched on the hills and almost hiding under the trees during summer.

Others stand alone in the blue evening light…watching the sun go down.

Driving down the road, a tree often catches my eye – be it a landmark or something else in it that stands out…

Evenings without a wind, without a sound, they speak to me – the old trees and barns. Childhood memories of hanging in a thick branch up in a tree, of laughing and jumping in the fresh hay, its lovely smell and the ride through the air…And grandmother’s gorgeous sandwiches with caviar and eggs afterwards, sitting by her table with the sun shining in… through a half open door…

They all speak of days gone by, and shining, happy memories of people I once knew and loved. Of buildings long gone and of a way of living that will never come back. I feel blessed to have known these people and experienced country life at its best.


13 thoughts on “Trees and Barns and Memories

  1. Beautiful landscapes and barns. The barnslook as though they are still in use. Is that right? Indeed you were blessed to experience the old country life. And those sandwiches must have been so good.

    • I think most of them are in use, yes. I love the grey ones – the wood feels like silk when you touch it.

      My childhood was wonderful – in the calm and light of my grandmother’s and grandfather’s little orchard. I was born and raised a country girl, and I’m so grateful for it.Among other things I’ve learned how to treasure silence and loneliness. And nature.


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