A happy day in the forest – what do we really do?

To walk the dogs is mostly an adventure and a blessing.

Today we started out when the sun was at its highest – and although weak, it loves to play around among trees and stones.

Mille and Totti love this path over the meadows and the old pastures. And so do the birds when they finally arrive.

Totti stopping to get a quick overview

This is his country, his meadows and forest – and he is alert!

He also loves to explore old stone walls and fallen trees.

And – new fascinating views!

As both of them are truffle dogs, they love to dig – and dig large and deep. Count on waiting here for half an hour…

Then we reach the area of fallen trees by the brook. A real playground for both dogs.

A happy old gentleman!

This is Mille’s country – water. Before being truffle dogs, these dogs were dedicated to water and helped hunters in the wet areas of Romagna, Italy. When those areas were drained and cultivated, the Lagotto Romagnolos were retrained into digging for truffles.

Water? Naaaah……..I’m a digger! Truffles!

Water? My life!


11 thoughts on “A happy day in the forest – what do we really do?

  1. What a wonderful sharing of your beautiful dogs world. I love the way they each have their own natures, one big on digging, and one loving the water. They look so happy in your photos and I love the moss covered walls and trees 🙂

    • Thank you for understanding them, Seonaid! As you have dogs yourself you surely know how different they are and how much joy there is in just watching them play! It’s the same as with children. They fill my heart with joy and pride!


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