Walking on thin ice…

It was one of those rare days almost without a wind, and a rift in the clouds revealing…blue sky! Even a ray of sunshine or two. A mild February day with birds twittering and a faint feeling of spring. (Surely that must be impossible…). I headed for the wetlands again, to see how winter had treated it and its inhabitants.

The day was smiling, and a mild, southern wind was guiding my steps.

The sun was playing hide and seek as I walked past the small pond.

Sometimes glittering and bright – sometimes glancing through the reed…

and sometimes glancing through the water.

Frosty or in warmer colours

I kept thinking of the swans…wondering where they stayed the winter. Maybe they needed a bigger lake, one that would not freeze and leave them stranded on the ice. Here used to be dozens and dozens of swans…

Spring has not arrived yet. As I was walking towards home, the sun escaped into the clouds again. And the ice tree looked back at me in blue. My secret moments with her and some other wonders of the world, was over.


12 thoughts on “Walking on thin ice…

  1. This is such a beautiful post, you swept me up in your glittering winter dreams…..there’s a sadness too with the swans….and so life rolls on.
    One of my favourite ever posts of yours, and the photography is stunning

    • How wonderful! I’m so glad you liked it. My walk there lasted for about one hour and a half, and there was not a wind. I love this place, but this day was also a day of sadness, as you say. Life and death are so close.

      My mother’s younger brother passed away last week – far too early. ”Walking on thin ice …”was also posted for him. He was a happy part of my youth – always smiling, joking, enjoying life.

      • I’m so sorry to hear of your loss Anne Christine, and that sense of loss and sadness came through in your words and images…..I’m worrying now for that young swan.
        It was a lovely post in memory of your Uncle.


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