Blizzard walk

No matter what weather, the dogs must have their walk. These last few days we’ve had real winter – finally. The dogs are happy…and I must admit that so am I! It’s not easy to take photos, but for a short walk perhaps?

The difficulties with heavy snowing here in the southern part of Sweden, is not the snow itself – it is the wind. Some elderly people usually have to be evacuated from the countryside, because the snow is drifting, making the roads impossible to drive. Military snowcats are used to evacuate people.


8 thoughts on “Blizzard walk

  1. Beautiful dunes of snow! We live in the middle of a field and sometimes our road gets blocked off as well, but this we have had so very little snow! But I’m not complaining…we have enough to make everything white. 🙂

  2. Yeah, dog owners really get to experience the elements! 🙂 I know about the flat landscape in southern Sweden and the drifting snow, but up north, I think it’s often a laughing matter … because they’ve never lived it.


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